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Most everything you own runs on electricity.  We are here to keep your electricity on for you 24/7.  Whether you have a new connection to add or a fuse that keeps on tripping, call on us, the electricians in Everett WA near you.

Unlike other DIY projects around the house, to keep you in compliance with the city code, you need a certified electrician to ensure that your house’s electrical circuits are in full compliance and safe.  You may choose to do the electrical work around the house yourself, but unlike other DIY projects, you will have to apply for a permit and will have a city inspector come and inspect the work to make sure it is in full compliance with the building codes.

We are fully compliant and knowledgeable of the process. From building permits requirements to homeowner’s association guidelines and more. We can get your project done in a jiffy without the hassle of trapping yourself into city hall red tape.

Get it Done Right the First Time!

Our licensed electrical experts have both the experience and professional attitude to get every project completed successfully and safely without any personal and property damage.  A poorly wired house or building is not only hazardous to the electrical appliances, but it could also be a major fire hazard. Our residential electrician knows how to ensure code compliance in every job they do to keep you safe.

If you have a home improvement project, be it adding more lighting to the basement, or making your living spaces more functional with those beautiful recessed lights, call on our helpful staff to get you going. Our courteous staff is ready to understand the project at hand, make helpful suggestions and complete the project in no time at all.

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Residential Electricians in Everett

Faulty wiring in your home could be a major hazard that need not be tolerated.  It doesn’t matter if it is an appliance that has shorted out or an electrical outlet that doesn’t seem to have the juice anymore, or residential lights flickering or burning out ahead of time.  Our certified electrical contractors in Everett can track diagnose and resolve any electrical problems big or small without a hassle.  No job is too complex or lengthy for our licensed technicians.  Call the electrician near you for a quick resolution to your home electrical repairs or upgrades.

Commercial Electricians in Everett

Whether you own a small mom and pop convenient store or a fledgling chain of coffee houses, we’re here to help you thrive in your business by providing quick, worry free and code compliant electrical repairs and upgrades to accommodate new equipment, upgrade existing circuitry or rewire the entire outfit to match your in-store décor.  Rely on the master electrician near you.

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Emergency Electrician

We hope that you never see a day where your entire home or business goes dark due to a faulty wire or an out of compliance electrical panel.  But, should it occur we’re here to help.  Our team of experienced, dedicated and professional staff is at your service for emergency power restoration due to an unplanned outage.  We are experts in understanding how to bridge power circuits to restore electricity to your home or business, should you lose power due to an unfortunate short circuit or total failure of your electrical system.  Call us today for your emergency power restoration needs.

Lighting Fixtures to New Power Panels

Is your home more than 25 years old?  Is the constant tripping of circuit breakers in your household have you constantly on the edge?  Does your house still have fuses that you need to constantly change?  Is dealing with flickering bulbs that burn out prematurely driving you mad?  If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it may be time for you to consider replacing or upgrading your home’s electrical panels.  But, you need not lose sleep over “how much to rewire the house?”  Investment in upgrading your electrical panels is the smartest home improvement decisions you can make.  With the growing use of technology, more and more electrical appliances are being added around your home.  With an outdated panel with meek capacity and inefficient output is not only robbing you of your peace of mind, it is also quietly shortening the life of these tech appliances that rely on a constant and efficient electrical circuitry.

Upgrading or replacing your home’s electrical panels can provide you a hefty return in improving the resale value of your house and can save you a tidy sum and headaches of all the light fixtures and electrical appliance that died a premature death due to improper or inadequate electrical panels around the house.  Our certified electricians can make it a snap to replace all the electrical panels for new energy efficient and reliable electric panels.

Solar Panels

The use of solar or green energy grows every day. People are more aware now than ever of the carbon footprint they leave behind. As a result, many people are turning to solar energy as an alternative energy source rather than using natural gas or electricity.  If you want to read more about solar panels Everett its under or services tab

We provide an efficient and expedient troubleshooting service to find the cause of your outage and restore power to most needed parts of your home or business and then thoroughly investigate the cause of the outage and fix the issue to fully restore power to where it is needed.

Call us today to discuss your electrical repair needs with our friendly and knowledgeable staff today.  Or to discuss plans for future upgrades or improvements you need our help with.  We’re here at your service with professional and competent licensed electricians.

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