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Whether you’re extending, renovating, or in general updating and maintaining your home. Rewiring a house is never anything you should just be taking “into consideration”. Overtime the wires in a house can seriously become a dangerous hazard. Not only are you at risk with old outdated wires, but your property is as well.

Statistics say that 63% of house fires are started due to an electrical fault. In the U.S our fire departments are estimatedly responding to over 51,000 electrical fires each year. On account in the U.S alone that’s 1,400 injuries, $1.3 billion in property damage, and 500 deaths. A few months ago a family in Everett Washington was left homeless, with over $80,000 in damage after experiencing an electrical fire. With all of these damages it’s hard to comprehend why anyone would run the risk over their property. What I’ve found is that people sometimes just aren’t informed.

Often times home owners raise the question on when to rewire a home. Is there a right or wrong time, and what exactly are the signs? Well for one the signs are always there, right in front of you just screaming “fix me please”. But the main sign I want to point out is simply age. If your house is decades old, 50 years old, and even 25-30 years old then it’s time to get a rewiring inspection at least. If your home is ranking in the age category of 50+ then let’s take a moment to do some math. Back then a normal household was not technically not designed to fit our modern technology. There were no iphones, HD tvs, advanced laptops, gaming systems, tablets, etc. They had none of that, the typical household held a small squared tv, and a few other appliances.

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Our technology not only surpasses the way a 50 year old house was designed, but it also surpasses it’s electrical system design. Overtime when the lights go on in the morning, and all of the devices are plugged in charging you will soon see the signs arise. You’ll begin to get your fuses blown out more frequently. Mini sparks will start to surface from your outlets when you plug and unplug cords. Flickering lights will mean that your circuit has a loose connect, or it’s being overloaded. And you’ll also notice overheating from your outlets. For example when you touch your phone charger and it feels hot, that’s a sure sign it’s time.

So once you identify the signs what’s the next step? Well some home owners make the unfortunate mistake of attempting to rewire their homes themselves. However you have to remember that a faulty wire is already hazardous the moment it becomes outdated.
That means any wrong twist, tug, or pull can actually cause a fire, and or explosion. Electricity is a very serious technology and it’s one that you should not be playing with. If you are not equipped with the knowledge, and training that is required to rewire a home then you should not being attempting to fix it yourself. You run the risk of causing more damage to your home as well as yourself.

It’s better to hire a professional home rewiring service that has the tools and knowledge to fix your problem. And even if you aren’t quite sure if your home is due for a rewire you can still get an inspection. But it’s better to take these precautionary measures than risking your life and property. Whether you are looking to buy a home, property, or you’re already in your home make sure to take care of it as soon as you notice the signs.

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